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Some basic knowledge of low-voltage electrical equipment…

2009-07-27  Browse:4113Times


Zhejiang Online Wenzhou July 3rd The miniature circuit breaker is the leading product of low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturers in Yueqing City, Wenzhou. In 2008, the output value reached more than 5 billion yuan, accounting for more than 2/3 of the domestic similar products. Due to the relatively simple technology and low barriers to entry, the homogenization is serious, and the industry is over-competitive. Some enterprises reduce costs by cutting corners, and product quality has been “seven ups and downs”. Since 1995, the quality supervision department has carried out 8 large-scale rectifications, and has taken measures such as paying a “default bond”, but the effect has been poor. In recent years, the Wenzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau has continuously summed up experience and lessons, explored new ways of scientific supervision, and helped the quality of miniature circuit breaker products to improve steadily through three powerful measures. In the first quarter of 2009, the pass rate of provincial quality supervision and inspection of Yueqing miniature circuit breaker products reached 95.4%, a record high.

The first is to develop and implement alliance standards. Most of the miniature circuit breaker manufacturers use the procurement of external parts for processing and assembly. Many enterprises cannot effectively identify the spare parts provided by the external factory, thus affecting the quality of the whole machine. In response to this situation, in the first half of last year, the Quality Supervision Department and the Small Circuit Breaker Association jointly organized experts in the industry to formulate the standard for product key components. In August 2008, the company passed the "Small Circuit Breaker Plastic Parts Alliance Standard" and "Small Four alliance standards, such as the Circuit Breaker Thermal Bimetal Alliance Standard, standardized the parts market and promoted the standardized management of the industry. The phenomenon of sub-filled and disorderly competition was effectively curbed.
The second is to cultivate qualified parts suppliers. In order to further improve the overall quality of the industry, guide and support enterprises to adopt "qualified suppliers" products, the quality supervision department to guide the miniature circuit breakers association to develop the "Qualified Suppliers Product Management Measures." The “Qualified Suppliers” product evaluation work is based on the market, with the social intermediary (Yueqing Mini Circuit Breaker Industry Association) as the main body, with the government actively promoting, guiding and supervising as the guarantee, and the user (customer) satisfaction as the overall purpose. Advancement mechanism. The "Measures" stipulates the assessment criteria for the "qualified suppliers" products, the conditions and validity periods of the applications. According to the "Measures", in March 2009, 33 manufacturing companies such as Zhejiang Hexing Electric Co., Ltd. were awarded the title of "Qualified Supplier" in the "Qualified Suppliers" product activity.

The third is to implement classified supervision. According to the "Detailed Implementation Rules for ABCD Classification Management of Low-voltage Electrical Appliances Industry Enterprises in Yueqing City", based on the daily supervision records, supervision and random inspection results and illegal behavior records, solicit opinions and suggestions from industry associations, and dynamically adjust the ABCD classification supervision of small circuit breaker manufacturers. The transfer was announced on the Yueqing Quality Network and Yueqing Integrity website, and the list of C and D-type supervision enterprises was copied to relevant departments such as power supply, water supply, and bank for reference by these departments when providing services and issuing loans. Since 2007, the industry has undergone three adjustments to the ABCD classification regulation. Through classification and supervision, we will promote, guide and encourage enterprises to continuously improve product quality and strive to create famous brand products.

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