East of PDX. Government Cove, Oregon and somewhere near St Cloud, Washington

December 14, 2012

Neil DaCosta wielding some super expensive camera gear. Thanks for showing us this spot, bud. Below, Alexander Barrett destroying the face of this huge rock.

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. Portland OR

December 14, 2012

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co may just be my favorite shop in Portland. I really don’t think that there was a single item in that shop that I didn’t want to take home. So, if anyone want’s to send me an early Christmas gift, that IBM Clock would look perfect right above my desk. :D

The Portland Bazaar at Sandbox Studios

December 14, 2012

The Portland Bazaar is one of the premiere platforms for Portland’s creative community. Under one roof, the city’s finest handmade goods and their makers gather together for a perfectly timed retail event just in time for the holidays. These makers of the bazaar consist of, but are not limited to leatherworkers, butchers and carpenters making a variety of things you can wear, eat and even sit on.

Much like the set up at Union Pine’s Give Good Gift, the organizers of the show did a great job creating a community vibe within the space and had no problem filling the entire warehouse with attendees. At times, the show seemed to reach capacity, and my advice to the organizers is that they may need to find added space to compensate for its growing popularity. But this is a good problem. From an attendee standpoint, the curated roster of vendors seemed to help promote rather than compete with each other. Every vendor seemed to compliment the next.

Campfire Cologne. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. It’s fun stuff—and I like fun stuff. Greg Hennes, has successfully carved out a space in the firewood cologne market that no one can ever touch. It’s like the iPhone of incense and it’s got a rad advertising campaign. Use with caution, because fire can be dangerous. Respect the Beard.

The amazing Aaron Draplin. I wonder if he still thinks America is fucked.

Give Good Gift. A Holiday Pop-up at Union Pine. Portland, OR

December 14, 2012

After the success of their first holiday fair last year, the folks at Union Pine held there second installment of Give Good Gift. Backed by some of Portland’s finest brands, shops and artisans, Union Pine provided a warm, intimate atmosphere that felt more like a friends’ brunch gathering than a shopping event—and that’s a good thing when it can easily feel a bit too clustered during Portland’s holiday craft-fair weekend. Between local leatherworkers, book dealers and entrepreneurs, Give Good Gift allowed you to really get to know the vendor-stories and the people behind them.

Some of the notable vendors included, Carbon Audio—a local audio company and creator of the Zooka wireless speaker, Trust Co—the only company that I know of that that refurbishes vintage Axes, and lastly, The Good Flock—the green-minded accessories company best known for their Pendleton-wrapped “iWooly” collection.

Above, Byron (WK12) showing everyone how to use the Zooka and below, the guys from Trust Co (Hi Gene!) posted for a few photos in front of their refinished axes.

Francesca Berrini at Ampersand Gallery. Portland, OR

December 13, 2012

New borders and new bodies of water. I can only imagine the patience of Francesca Berrini and the time it took for her to take apart and re-work those vintage maps and atlases.

Hi Brynne. Hi Mark.

“Coming Home From Gwar” by Paul Wig

December 13, 2012

On the left is artist, writer, comedian and former WK12er, Paul Wig. Since leaving Portland over a year ago, he now spends his time in New York as a writer for MTV. Coincidentally, Paul was in town during my Portland visit for the opening of his latest show, Coming Home From Gwar. Spanning across a variety of mediums, his work carries the kind of witty cynicism that makes you smile inside. Ultimately, CHFG is the type of show that enhances your love for pizza and extraterrestrial life. Thank you, Paul.

Last ones. In and around Portland

October 2, 2012

My hosts of the week. Neil DaCosta, Sara Phillips and Daniel Cronin.

Below is Colby Nichols, one-half of the Portland-based design studio, Jolby. Colby and I grew up in the same neighborhood back in San Diego and we were the biggest comic nerds in elementary school—huge Marvel fans. It took us a year and a half to finally grab a beer in Portland, but hey, better late than never. Be on the look out for Jolby’s next book, Monsters Under Bridges: Pacific NW Edition. It’ll be available next year via Sasquatch Publishing.

Coleman paying close attention to Riswold’s creative direction. #earbuds

When Brandon Thornton isn’t laying down strategy for W+K’s Nike account, he helps run VANYLA, an online zine focusing on everything cool, creative and edible in Portland. It’s under construction right now but should be relaunching soon. Bookmark it. It’ll be worth the wait.

Above, Sara and I having a Portlandia moment. Below, Matt St Gelais!!!

Neckface “A Deal With the Devil”. One Grand Gallery. Portland, OR

September 28, 2012

Neckface. Satan. Found objects. Exclusive goods. This is Nasty Neckface at his best. He made a deal with the Devil so you didn’t have to. One Grand Gallery. Now through October 5th. Go on and check it out, homeboy. »link

See See Motorcycles & Coffee. Portland, OR

September 28, 2012

After finishing a year at WK12, Thor Drake went on to take everything that he learned from the world of advertising and apply it to his passion in motorcycles. After finding a spot just off Sandy Blvd in Portland’s NE Industrial District, he decided to do things his own way and open up SEE SEE Motorcycles & Coffee. No doubt, this is probably the only place in Portland where you can buy a cup of Stumptown Coffee along with that hard-to-find replacement part for the vintage Norton sitting in your garage. Congrats on the shop, Thor. Looking good.

Baohaus at Ping with Eddie Huang and Studio J. Portland, OR

September 28, 2012

Last Sunday, Eddie Huang of Baohaus fame was in town for Feast PDX and was hosting dinner at John Jay’s Ping Restaurant. It was a reservation-only night, and since I wasn’t too sure of when I’d be in town, I didn’t get a chance to call-in and make reservations ahead of time. Luckily, me, Drew and Sara decided to crash on over to see if we could squeeze in and grab a few seats. I’m glad we did. We ended up getting seated just opposite of Mr Huang himself he as prepared bun after bun.

The dinner consisted of a set menu which included his world famous pork belly buns, organic tofu buns, lobster rice and fried ice cream buns for dessert. The plates came out pretty fast, and as you made buns disappear, replacements were right on their way.

Above, Wieden+Kennedy ECD/Ping owner, John Jay and Eddie Huang of Baohaus. Apologies for the blur. It was super dark in there and I only had one shot.

Above, Miles Johnson and Drew Downie (New Studio/Zooka) in front of Ping. And below, Alberto Ponte and Sara Phillips—fresh off the Find Your Greatness campaign.

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