This Saturday in San Diego. Yeller Studio and Sezio present Parachute Factory

February 12, 2013

Yeller Studio presents Parachute Factory-03

This weekend, over 40 of my favorite San Diego artists are all showing in a one-day exhibition entitled, Parachute Factory. When my friends at Yeller Studio asked me to jump on board to help them out, I was super excited and honored to finally get a chance to work with a bunch of artists that I can truly stand by and say that I’m a fan of. As long as I can remember, in regards to local street and contemporary art, I really don’t think that there has been a show in San Diego as in-depth as this one.

Split between paintings, installations and cinematic art, the artists will be filling a bi-level exhibition space, that at one time, was the main headquarters for Pacific Parachute Co—a company that would be responsible for the production and manufacturing of parachutes for American paratroopers during WWII. Hence, the name of the show.

If you’re in San Diego this weekend, be sure to swing by and say hello. It’ll only be up for one day. You don’t want to miss this. Much thanks to Mindgruve for hosting the event.

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Yeller Studio presents Parachute Factory-06

Yeller Studio presents Parachute Factory-05

Yeller Studio presents Parachute Factory-01

Yeller Studio presents Parachute Factory-04

Yeller Studio presents Parachute Factory-02

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