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January 23, 2013

ganggangdance_2008_by JOSH WILDMAN

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January 22, 2013

Brad Harris captures the World Speed Trials

Brad Harris captures the World Speed Trials ~ It’s Nice That
Charles and Ray Eames need your help (buy a print!) ~ Eames Foundation
Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang: Back in Taiwan ~ Vice (pt 2)
The Ten Life Lessons From Steve Jobs We Should Never Forget ~ Forbes (pt 2)
End of an era for Gainey Ceramics, local (LA) maker of garden pots :( ~ LA Times

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January 19, 2013

IN-N-OUT Burger

A day with Gary Benzel. @huganyc #igloostore

January 16, 2013

Gary Benzel-spaces-04

Gary Benzel-spaces-01

Gary Benzel-spaces-03

Gary Benzel-spaces-02

A few shots from my Instagram feed on a quick visit to the Gary Benzel residence. One of my favorite people. Be sure to check out for your favorite design goods.

Studio visit with type G. Solana Beach, California

January 16, 2013

typeG Studio-Solana Beach-California-08

In 2004, Mike Nelson began typeG studio to help brands find a deeper connection between themselves and their audience. Along with Art Director Mark Cruz and Timothy Ryan, a Telly winning Producer/Director, typeG  provides a variety of creative services which include branding, design and interactive and video initiatives. As a three-man agency, their small scale allows them to spend less time analyzing and more time for creating great work. And their small size doesn’t mean that they aren’t able to take on big clients. Over the last few years, the studio has earned work for accounts including Quicksilver, Sklz Training Products and Pacsun. It’s an efficient bunch and they get things done.

Located in open, airy studio space in Solana Beach, their office gives off a coastal bungalow vibe—making those Monday deadlines just a little more welcoming. In between their extensive design library, the mini Polaroid museum and a lunchroom that comes with a beach, I’m not too sure if there many studios out their can seem more pleasant. In a few weeks, typeG will be launching their new site which will include a space for a their current projects and an updated archive of their past work. Be sure to bookmark it.

typeG Studio-Solana Beach-California-12

typeG Studio-Solana Beach-California-07

typeG Studio-Solana Beach-California-10

typeG Studio-Solana Beach-California-02

Above, Mike Nelson and his Volvo 164 piece by Neil Blender. And below, Mike hitting a handrail (BS Noslide?) in an old Venture Trucks ad.

typeG Studio-Solana Beach-California-14

Right behind Tim is an old billboard from Lou’s Records (I was here!). It was on its way to be trashed until Mike was able to save it. Smart move. Such a relic for the San Diego music scene. I can only imagine some of the handbills that have been pinned and stapled on this thing that I would’ve liked to keep. If walls could talk.

typeG Studio-Solana Beach-California-16

typeG Studio-Solana Beach-California-09

typeG Studio-Solana Beach-California-13

Above, the 4th Beastie Boy in vinyl. #moneymark

typeG Studio-Solana Beach-California-01

typeG Studio-Solana Beach-California-11

The Swami Sound System

January 8, 2013

Swami Sound System

When I moved back to San Diego, I was bummed to hear that my favorite radio segment when off the air a couple of months before I moved back in town. But no need to worry—the Swami Sound System is now available (for free!) on Slacker radio. The segment came to mind after a brief run-in the other day with the Swami himself, John Reis. If you like rarities in the punk, primitive rock, soul, r&b and psych departments, this will probably be up your alley. Now go and let your eardrums melt. You’ve earned it. »»Swami Sound System

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2013

Best wishes to you all in the new year.

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