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February 26, 2012

BADBADNOTGOOD, Veronica Falls, Clams Casino

Cold Cave at the Soda Bar

February 25, 2012

One of the best live shows in a while. Had to steal flashes that night.

Heavy Hawaii at M-Theory Records

February 25, 2012

A few photos that I took at Heavy Hawaii’s in-store at M-Theory Records. One of my favorite bands from San Diego. They have a new 7″ on Art Fag. Go check it out.

Vans OTW on Offthewall TV

February 25, 2012

Up and around Cielo Street. Palm Springs, CA

February 20, 2012

With Modernism Week in full steam, I decided to take my niece, nephew and parents out for a day of cacti, mid-century homes and bad diner food. Sounds like fun, right? Well it was. My dad’s a part-time gardener and full-time junk collector, so our Palm Springs trips are always pretty fun—even on a windy, cloudy and overly-crowded Palm Springs. With every home tour fully booked for the weekend, we had to come up with our own impromptu Modernism tour. Thank god for Google Maps.

Below, The Palevsky House. Designed by Craig Ellwood.

Across the street, the Edris House. Designed by E. Stewart Williams.

Before heading home, we made a stop at the Ace Hotel to grab a coffee. Stumptown of course! When we got there, we immediately regretted eating at the diner we had just left and wished that we had saved ourselves for King’s Highway at the Ace. Nonetheless, not a bad way to end the week. Even the sun decided to eventually come out.

On my desk: Over the last month

February 14, 2012

Above are a few things that I picked up in between visits to Amsterdam, Stockholm and Berlin. For those that don’t know, I have an unhealthy addiction to printed media. Most of the magazines were bought at the Papercut store in Stockholm. With Apartamento , Bad Day, 032c and The Travel Almanac all sharing shelf space, this could possibly be my favorite magazine stand in the world. A must see for anyone visiting Stockholm, for sure.

Below, a care package sent over by W+K designer, Lloyd Winter. For those that went to the Agenda Tradeshow in a Long Beach, he’s the guy who illustrated the Poler Campalogue that everyone kept talking about. During my year at WK12, he was treated with a daily applause on his way to the NW elevators of W+K Portland—courtesy of Year 7. He’s a nice guy and deserved it. Thanks dude.

Following the success of This is Portland, Alexander Barrett’s latest release is a joint effort by him and 8-year old nephew, Benjamin Apgar. As described by Alex, 2 Prevents 1 and 3 From Fighting is “a collaboration between me and my nephew. He believes that numbers have personalities and You will believe that his beliefs are very entertaining”. It’s charming, handcrafted and you don’t have to be good at math to enjoy it.

Each zine is individually stamped and limited to 100 copies. Available now via Powells in Portland and Skylight Books in Los Feliz.

Below: A few gifts from friends at Penny Skateboards and StussyxHeelBruisexVans. Over the last month, I’ve only managed to fall off the thing once! To my defense, it was a dark alley with 3 inches of pavement missing. Super fun, though. The tee was limited for those in attendance to last month’s Under the Radar exhibition in Long Beach. The show featured works by Jon Warren, Ray Barbee, Robbie Jeffers and Keith Hufnagel among others.

In Photo: NYC with the Vans crew // #OTWVans

February 12, 2012

Posted at the Ace Hotel: “Quinny” of Vans Surf (above) & Tony Munoz of Vans design (below)

Brooklyn bound with Vince Santos to watch some football.

At Agenda Tradeshow NYC: Above, Russ Pope (Vans) and below Jason Lee (Brixton).

Nepenthes. Love it.

And below are some Instagram photos that I took.

The multifaceted, Alex Dymond.

Weekender pints at Hot Bird with Alexander Barrett and the Heuers. #wiedenkennedy

And back to Cali…

In Photo: Lupe Fiasco and Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) playing the Vans OTW European Launch Party. Berlin, Germany

February 12, 2012

Highsnobiety TV: Lupe Fiasco in The House of Vans

In Photo: Berlin with the Vans crew // #OTWVans

February 12, 2012

People on bikes.

Vans Syndicate at Civilist Shop.

Below, the Vans booth at Bread & Butter.

Ray Barbee was there playing a solo show. I know, we’re spoiled.

Next up, Bright Tradeshow.

And then, Capsule Tradeshow.

OTW Advocate, Chris Kong at the OTW Launch Party.

Late night shawarmas with Eric Elms, Luis Torres, Benoit and Dimitri Coste.

In Photo: Stockholm with the Vans crew // #OTWVans

February 11, 2012

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