On my desk: Art Fag’s 7″ Split and Tiger Balm

August 31, 2009

Tiger Balm. Crocodiles/ Grafitti Island/ Dum Dum Girls/ PENS - Split - 7" AF005

I don’t know what those dudes are doing on the cover of this 7-inch but that pizza sure looks good right now. Artwork by Amelia Braekke-Dyer (of PENS).

Casbah’s Official Street Scene After Party Recap in photo/video

August 30, 2009

Pens San Diego Street Scene After Party 2009

Crocodiles San Diego Street Scene After Party 2009

Wavves San Diego Street Scene After Party 2009

No Age San Diego Street Scene After Party 2009

An Interview with STUE

August 28, 2009

STUE by Vincent Santos

Whether you know him as AW STUE, or simply just STUE, there was no one in San Diego that could touch this guy in 2006. With the help of some mutual friends that we shared, I had the pleasure of interviewing him a few years back while I was writing a photocopy zine called Local Hero. The photo above was taken by Vincent Santos and was used for the layout of the interview. Visit his site to download a PDF copy of the interview.

Currently listening to: “Ceremony” as performed by New Order

August 27, 2009

There are songs that always seem to sneak their way back into my iPod shuffle. An easily enjoyable (or depressing) selection by New Order. Such a perfect song on a 2AM summer night. Written by Ian Curtis; but you already know that. And Radiohead did it too.

The 2009 Official Street Scene After Party [And it's Artwork!]

August 21, 2009


Next Saturday’s bill at the Casbah will be legendary as they host the 2009 Official Street Scene After Party. Cat Dirt Sez put me on the official poster [shown above] of the show. This night will also mark as Art Fag’s West Coast tour w/ Crocodiles, Graffiti Island and PENS.

Saturday, August 29th.  No Age, Crocodiles, Wavves, PENS, Grafitti Island and DJ Mario Orduno. Get your tickets here at $15. Damn I’m excited.

Happy Birthday Neill Orje. You’re still alive!

August 20, 2009

"IV of a Kind" by Neill Orje. 2008. 48 x 48 inches mixed media on canvas.

Today is the birthday of artist/painter Neill Orje. Painfully mixing each gradient one by one, his work takes on a surrealist approach to a linear shaped world. While studying art in San Francisco, Orje exhibited his work at the de Young Museum, sharing gallery space with renown British sculptor, Richard Deacon and Germany’s Gerhard Richter. Neill’s work definitely inspires me to stay creative. Check out more of his work here.

Currently listening to: “Sleeping Bag” by Heavy Hawaii

August 19, 2009

Heavy Hawaii Sundar Matt Bahamas

Heavy Hawaii’s Sleeping Bag. Tap your feet, whistle and buy a yo-yo. Then get a red sweater, walk to Nature’s Express and eat gluten free potatoes. HH play the Che Cafe on Friday, August 28th. They also have hats for sale.

Billy Corgan and Spirits in the Sky to Play Che Cafe

August 19, 2009

Billy Corgan Spirits in the Sky Che Cafe San Diego

Big names, small venue. Billy Corgan will play at the intimate Che Cafe on the 30th. I will try and get tickets for this show… which will probably sell out fast. Corgan will be playing alongside Spirits in the Sky, a band formed in tribute to the late Sky Saxon who passed away in June. [thanks to Cat Dirt Sez]

New Shoes. Converse CTS in Red Suede. And Nu Shooz

August 18, 2009

Red Suede Converse CTS Converse Skateboarding

Probably the most comfortable shoe I’ve worn in a very long time. CTS by Converse Skateboarding [Cons]. Disregard the purple socks.

Edwin Himself by hand

August 17, 2009


The guy who did the EH logo, had also done hand drawn title sequencing for Spike Jonze’s translation of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are.. It was scanned from this.

In The Mind exhibition by Geoff Mcfetridge at AD21,Tokyo. Taken by Edwin Negado 2003

And then I found this photo; which I had shot at GM’s installation at Nike’s AD21 space in Tokyo. Too bad I couldn’t take any photos inside.

update: More on Geoff McFetridge’s title sequencing work for WTWTA. Click HERE.

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