Igloo Store 7 Year Anniversary Exhibit & Bazaar

July 31, 2009

I’ve been invited to participate at Igloo’s 7th Anniversary Exhibit & Bazaar. I remember the first time going to Igloo about 8 years ago and Gary gave me one of his Green Lady Shark Prints (which I still have to this day!). Gary Benzel had always played a huge influence on the way I see design. Its truly an honor to be a part of this shops’ deep history. This show is also a going away shindig for Arik “Eternal Ruler” Acosta and Steph Walker before they go to “far away places”. So come swing by, see some art, and pick up a few items.



ART FAG Recording’s West Coast Tour and Ghettron’s 6BLOCC

July 31, 2009


Ghettron, 6 BLOCC

Whatcha Gonna Do!

July 29, 2009


Comic-Con International 2009 Recap In Photo

July 27, 2009


This guy definitely knows what I’m talking about

July 24, 2009

So this week is Comic-Con International (fuck that, its still the San Diego Comic-Con to me!). Still going 40 years strong, its pretty rad to see all the super-nerds go out and try to one-up each other. HBO’s True Blood held an open bar last night at Rock Bottom. Lando Calrissian was there and he definitely knows what I’m talking about.



Currently Listening To: These 8 Songs by These 3 Artists

July 19, 2009


To celebrate the summer’s official arrival after an extended June gloom, I decided to share whats been circling my iPod lately. I know there’s no media attached to the list, but if you can’t buy them from the artists, I’m sure you can find them fairly easily online. The list consists of a selection of tracks between Best Coast, Pearl Harbour and Fantastic Magic.

Best Coast – Up All Night
Best Coast – Sun Was High (So Was I)
Best Coast – In My Room
Pearl Harbour – Lost @ Sea
Pearl Harbour – Sunburn
Fantastic Magic – Flowerbeds
Fantastic Magic – Jam & Yima
Fantastic Magic – Imminent Grove

She is Wonderful

July 17, 2009


Currently Listening To: “Lost @ Sea” by Pearl Harbour

July 16, 2009


This song by LA’s Pearl Harbour reminds me of my childhood summers watching Saved by The Bell during their Malibu Sands Beach Club episodes. This Friday, Pearl Harbour plays a FREE SHOW at the Whistle Stop along with the Beaters and Best Coast. Head to Gorrila vs Bear to hear “Lost @ Sea”.

Voyeur San Diego is really awesome. It really is.

July 15, 2009

I went and saw DJ A-Trak earlier and all that I have to say is…’wow’. Awesome set. If you are ever in Downtown San Diego, Voyeur is defiinitely a must. Thanks to Johnny and Farley.

DJ A-Trak Voyeur San Diego

DJ A-Trak at Voyeur, Onlife Fundraiser at El Dorado

July 14, 2009



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